Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Army of the West GPSurvey (8604am)

Empower consequential learning
for "Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones" (WIZ)

Our adaptive Trails-n-Tails (TnT) theme:
[A] Reflects actionable distilled insights (WIZdom) for "EarthSea-Keeping" group activities
[B] Builds on FutureThought Leadership experiences with blended "Visual Learning" hyperportals
[C] Creates sharable community stewardship stories about "geoWIZard" MentorshipART

New Mexico Stream - Maps and Satellite Views
Ninemile Creek, Palo Flechado Pass, 36.42850, -105.29900

Wilderness/Specialty Map Features
Special wilderness maps are also available from our map center. These maps include topographic detail, and have a scale of at least 1"=1 mile. Many wilderness maps are printed on waterproof, tearproof synthetic paper. Click on the area you wish to visit in our statewide search maps to get a listing of all available maps for the area.

Agua Fria National Monument 2000:
450 prehistoric sites, including agricultural features Canyon de Chelly National Monument 1931 33,929 83,840 Remains of Native American villages built between ad 350 and 1300
Coronado National Memorial 1941:
Commemorates Hispanic heritage and the first European exploration of the Southwest (1540-1542) by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado

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